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Scottish Shire Mystery Series

Crochet & Knitting & Weaving
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New in 2020

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Traci Hall writes the Scottish Shire Mystery Series which is set in Scotland and started in June 2020.  For a twenty-eight-year-old single mum, Paislee has knit together a sensible life for herself, her ten-year-old son Brody, and Wallace, their black Scottish terrier. Having inherited a knack for knitting from her dear departed grandmother, Paislee also owns a specialty sweater shop called Cashmere Crush, where devoted local crafters gather weekly for her Knit and Sip.

Murder in a Scottish Shire (Scottish Shire Mystery #1) Murder in a Scottish Garden (Scottish Shire Mystery #2) Murder at a Scottish Social (Scottish Shire Mystery #3) Murder at a Scottish Wedding (Scottish Shire Mystery #4) Murder at a Scottish Castle (Scottish Shire Mystery #5)