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Rex Grave Mystery Series

Series Takes Place In
Series Age
Before 2011

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C.S. Challinor writes the Rex Grave Mystery series which started in 2008 and is set in Scotland. It features amateur detective and Scottish barrister, Rex Graves. He is fond of Sudoku puzzles and Latin quotations. Although Rex is a Scottish barrister throughout the series he travels from England to Florida to the French West Indies to solve murders.

Christmas Is Murder (Rex Graves Series #1) Murder in the Raw (Rex Graves Series #2) Phi Beta Murder (Rex Graves Series #3) Murder on the Moor (Rex Graves Series #4) Murder of the Bride (Rex Grave Series #5) Murder at the Dolphin Inn (Rex Grave Mystery #6) Murder at Midnight (Rex Graves Mystery #7) Murder Comes Calling (Rex Graves Mystery #8) Judgment of Murder (Rex Grave Mystery #9) Upstaged by Murder (Rex Grave Mystery #10)