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Pineapple Cozy Mystery (Pineapple Port Cozy Mystery #16)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
November 2022

Someone is killing cozy mystery detectives!

Charlotte’s friend Tilly dies and leaves her a cryptic message about the Cozy Mystery Killer—an assassin who has a grudge against amateur detectives. She's left more clues hidden inside tea cosies stashed all over Pineapple Port, which is good, because someone has robbed her home, leaving Charlotte with few leads.

While Charlotte and Declan follow the clues to find the killer, Mariska and Darla work to surprise them with upgrades to the couple’s new detective agency office. That is until a local crime-solving "witch" goes missing, and Charlotte needs to call them into active duty to help find her before she ends up the killer's next victim.

Have a treasure hunt of your own finding and decoding the hidden references to characters and tropes from other cozy mystery series you may have read!