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Mystery at Breezy Bay (Emma Everett Mystery #1)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
January 2022

When Emma Everett arrives in Breezy Bay on Vancouver Island, all she wants to do is forget about Hunter, the man who broke her heart, and start a new life helping her sister Amanda launch her bed and breakfast. Emma finds the best way to escape the pain of her past relationship is by hunting truffles with Amanda’s faithful German Shepherds, King and Flare.

One day, while Emma is out searching for the delicate fungi on the local trail, King unearths not the hoped-for truffles but a body. When Constable Logan Wilson shows up on the scene, Emma thinks she has found an ally in the handsome cop, but his partner, Constable Brendan, isn’t so sure of Emma’s innocence.

To help restore a sense of community after the grisly discovery, Amanda begins to plan The First Annual Breezy Bay Truffle Festival. But days later, when prominent citizen Trinity Wheeler falls from the same trail down an embankment and dies, Emma is there to witness it. This causes further suspicion in Constable Brendan’s mind.

All plans to forget her old life fail when Hunter shows up in town to help his grieving uncle come to terms with Aunt Trinity’s untimely death. But something isn’t right about the way that Trinity died, and Emma saw something she can’t easily put out of her mind.

As the Breezy Bay Truffle Festival nears, the truffiers become the target of those who would cause malice, and Emma is running out of time to prove her innocence and, more importantly, to find out who has committed the murders and why.