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Murder on the Rooftop (Northwest Cozy Mystery #26)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
September 2022

A man is arrested for murder within minutes of the victim falling to his death from the rooftop of a hotel where a police fundraiser is being held. The arrest is based solely on earlier harsh words between two men, and it doesn’t add up. At least not to Jake and Al, private investigators hired to look into it by a wealthy friend of the accused.

The banquet room was full of police. After all, it was a police fundraiser, but Al and Jake think Gio La Serta’s arrest was a little too sudden and a little too convenient. Then strange things begin to happen to them. Black cars start following them, Jake is handed a thumb drive while on a ferry by a person who disappears, and the gas tank cover on Jake’s truck has obviously been tampered with.

It becomes obvious someone doesn’t want them to discover the truth about Niles Balderelli’s murder, and now Al and Jake have gone from being hunters to being the prey. But are they beginning to discover the truth a little too late?