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Murder in New York (High Desert Mystery #19)

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January 2022

Alan Woolsham was at the top of his game. He was an acclaimed television star in England and had come to New York to film four special TV shows dealing with British antiques. The shows were to be taped at the Whitney Museum, and Alan hoped to open up a whole new viewing audience for his wildly successful show. But things didn’t go as planned. Murder does have a way of changing things. So much for stardom in the States.

Marty and her husband, Jeff, were in New York City for what the hype promised to be a television and museum extravaganza about British antiques. Marty, an art and antique appraiser living in Palm Springs, California, had come to learn, but she hadn’t planned on the show’s presenter and the television idol, Alan, being murdered. Becoming involved in a murder case in New York was definitely not in her vacation plans.

However, when your husband’s a police detective, even if it is with a police department on the other side of the United States, you’re an expert in antiques, and Jeff knows the New York detective who’s in charge of the murder investigation, there’s no way Marty could have avoided getting involved.

A rabid fan, an unethical antique dealer, a jealous director, and an ambitious assistant are a lot of people with motives for murder. But finding out which one is the killer proves difficult. Even Barney the Beagle is called in to help.

Join Marty and Jeff as they try to solve the case while they take in the sights and great food of New York City!
This is the 16th book in the High Desert Cozy Mystery Series by a USA Today Bestselling Author.