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The Murder Chronicles (Tess and Tilly Mystery #13)

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May 2022
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Tess and Tony are busy preparing for the annual Spring Fling, an event designed to both ring in the tourism season and welcome the end of cold temperatures and drifting snow, when a man with a mission sends Tess a letter detailing an odd but intriguing request. It seems that years ago, Simon Baldwin, one of twelve members of a secret society, identified fifteen cold case murders which they then took it upon themselves to solve them. They chronicled the investigation of each murder in a journal they titled: The Murder Chronicles. Of the fifteen murders, fourteen had been successfully closed by the group. One case remained unsolved and Simon, the only surviving member of the original group of twelve, is determined to solve the case before his death. Simon is a Montana native who’d heard about Tess and her success tackling this very sort of thing, so he sent her the journal and asked for her help in solving the last unsolved murder.