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MacInerney, Karen

Karen writes the Gray Whale Inn Mystery Series featuring Natalie Barnes the proprietor of the Gray Whale Inn located on quaint Cranberry Island, off the coast of Maine. She also wrote the Tales of an Urban Werewolf trilogy. In the spring of 2014 Karen started a new series, The Margie Peterson Mysteries which features a stay-at-home-mom-turned-private-investigator. Starting in July 2015 Karen will launch the Dewberry Farm Mystery series. It features Houston reporter Lucy Resnick who cashes in her retirement to buy her grandmother’s farm in Buttercup, Texas. She’s looking forward to a simple life as a homesteader but instead she finds herself solving murders. Karen also writes the Tales of an Urban Werewolf series. It features Sophie Garou who works in Austin's most prestigious accounting firm. No one knows however, that Sophie is a werewolf. This series is not featured on the site because it is not a cozy mystery.