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Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series

Kaitlyn Dunnett aka Kathy Lynn Emerson writes the Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series which started in 2007 and is set in Maine. It features professional Scottish dancer Liss MacCrimmon. Liss suffers a career-ending knee injury and returns to her hometown, Moosetookalook, Maine, to recover and figure out what she's going to do next, and help her aunt run Moosetookalook Scottish Emporium. What she doesn't count on is murder.

Kilt Dead (Liss MacCrimmon Series #1) Scone Cold Dead (Liss MacCrimmon Series #2) A Wee Christmas Homicide (Liss MacCrimmon Series #3) The Corpse Wore Tartan (Liss MacCrimmon Series #4) Scotched (Liss MacCrimmon Series #5) Bagpipes, Brides and Homicides (Liss MacCrimmon Series #6) Vampires, Bones and Treacle Scones (Liss MacCrimmon Mystery #7) Ho-Ho-Homicide (Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series #8) The Scottie Barked At Midnight (Liss MacCrimmon Mystery #9) Kilt at the Highland Games (Liss MacCrimmon Mystery #10) X Marks the Scot (Liss MacCrimmon Mystery #11) Overkilt (Liss MacCrimmon Mystery #12) A View to a Kilt (Liss MacCrimmon Mystery #13)