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Hippity Hoppity Homicide (Zoe Donovan Mystery #28)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
March 2018
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With Easter only a week away, Zoe is pulled into a dangerous game after Zak is kidnapped and the person who kidnapped him, a rival from the past, challenges Zoe to a game referred to as The Sleuthing Game. Zoe is told that the only way to gain Zak's freedom is to not only play the game, but to complete all the challenges in the time allotted. If she fails, Zak will die. Zoe had promised herself that she would retire from sleuthing now that she had an infant to care for and protect, but the stakes are high, so she leaves the kids with Ellie while she and Levi set out to conquer the game. Along the way they get help from old friends who want to ensure that Zak is returned home safely to his family.