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Fireworks, Freedom, & Felonies (Camper & Criminals Mystery #37)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
June 2024
Holiday/Season/Special Event:
Fourth of July

Mae West, owner of Happy Trails Campground located in the Daniel Boone National Forest, is no stranger to the twists and turns of life in Normal, but she never expected her community's knitting circle to unravel into chaos. When local knitting enthusiast is found murdered with her own knitting needles during the town's lively Fourth of July celebration, the community is spun into a whirlwind of suspicion and secrets.

Amidst the burst of Fourth of July festivities and the echoes of fireworks long past, Mae and the Laundry Club Ladies unravels a tangled web of secrets. With tales of a cursed heirloom and hidden treasures rumored to be concealed within the walls of the Stitchin’ Post, they find themselves piecing together clues from both past and present.

As tensions mount against the backdrop of booming Fourth of July fireworks, Mae learns that in Normal, Kentucky, some secrets are explosive enough to kill for. Can she unravel the killer’s identity before the fabric of her community is torn apart forever? Join Mae as she chases down clues and crooks amidst the sparks and echoes of Independence Day celebrations!