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Fatal Festivities (Dune House Cozy Mystery #23)

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November 2022
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The celebratory dinner was going well, until a guest drops dead at the table!

Suzie and Mary love running Dune House, the majestic B&B on the beach, with their lovable yellow Labrador, Pilot, by their side. With Thanksgiving just around the corner they are excited to be hosting a group of guests from a retirement village for a few days. Everything is organized, their rooms are ready and the caterers have been booked for a special dinner. They are expecting a nice, relaxing stay for their guests. But from the moment the group get off the bus they’re at loggerheads.

Then things go from bad to worse when a guest kicks the bucket at the dinner table. When it is found she was murdered, Suzie and Mary are determined to help find the culprit so the murderer can be caught and the reputation of Dune House isn’t permanently tarnished. With a long list of suspects and some baffling clues, finding the murderer is not proving to be an easy task. Their investigations lead them straight toward danger.

It is a race against time to catch the killer before Thanksgiving!