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A Familiar Yule (Oxford Magic Kitten Mystery #7)

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November 2022
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My name’s Astra, and I’m a witch. Who knew that having a merry Witchmas in Witch Hollow would be so dangerous? All I want under my tree is my hot next-door-neighbor, Sheriff, and dragon Shifter, Earl Sin. Instead, I’m shocked to discover a rejected familiar: my own demon familiar’s twin, Beelzebub.

Satan, my devilish kitten familiar, is keeping secrets. But when isn’t he?

When cursed gifts endanger Satan and the rest of Witch Hollow, Sin and I must work together to solve the magical mystery in time. Plus, stop our own warring families from wrecking our first Yule dinner together.

Should I adopt Satan’s adorable but wicked twin? And can I save Witchmas?