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Doyle, Carrie

Carrie Doyle (Carrie Doyle Karasyov) writes the Hamptons Murder Mystery Series which is set in the Hamptons in New York. It features renowned chef and Inn owner Antonia Bingham. In this series Carrie brings readers behind the scenes for an exclusive glimpse of life within one of the most spectacular playgrounds of the rich and famous.


Carrie Doyle also writes the Trouble in Paradise Mystery Series which started in June 2021 and is set in the Caribbean.  It features Plum Lockhart' whose job as a travel magazine editor is eliminated in corporate cuts. She decides she's sick of cold winters in NYC and fruitless swiping on dating apps―what she needs is a dramatic change of scenery. On a whim, she accepts a job as a villa broker and moves to a beautiful Caribbean island.