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From Herring to Eternity (Deadly Deli Mystery Series #4)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
August 2013

Out of the frying pan. . . Streetcorner trumpeter Lippy Montgomery dies after eating at Murray's Pastrami Swami-poisoned by the herring. Even more perplexing, his battered trumpet case is stolen from the crime scene. Is someone close to Gwen Nashville Katz responsible? Is it the professional treasure hunter who sat beside him at the counter? The record producer who has a secret he doesn't want revealed? The sister who earns her living as a high priced escort? On top of that, a coven of Wiccans goes to war with an ambulance-chasing attorney and an arrogant college professor over a Civil War burial ground...that just happens to lie under Gwen's house? With both her deli and house on the line, Gwen also must catch a killer who wants to see her sleeping with the fishes!