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Fur, Felonies & Fortune (Wayside Bay Mystery #4)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
July 2021

A dognapping, whispers of a hidden fortune, murder. Can Charlie’s dogged sleuthing skills uncover the killer before she’s dead and buried like an old bone?

The new dog grooming salon Charlie Winston opened recently is running smoothly and gaining in popularity with new clients like rich hotel owner Eliza Lancaster.

That is until Eliza’s prized pedigree Pandora is dognapped right out of the salon. Charlie thinks she’ll be out of business by chowtime if they don’t find Pandora.

Things go from bad to worse when Eliza ends up murdered, and the dog trainer Charlie hired is the prime suspect. Of course he is! What more could go wrong?

Plenty. Charlie digs deeper into the Lancaster family after hearing rumors of buried gold coins. When clues point to the chief of police and his possible involvement, Charlie and Mabel take the case by the tail to find the culprit.

Can they uncover the killer before they’re dead and buried like an old bone?