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A Flurry of Lies (Bison Creek Mystery #4)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
May 2018

The sheriff is looking for a shooter, and it just might be Essie's new brother-in-law.

Tourism is booming in the tiny mountain town of Bison Creek, and that means Essie has her hands full training new clients at the gym, trying to tame her hyperactive spaniel, and avoiding a nosy landlady who will stop at nothing to learn all the gritty details of her love life.

But a deadly accident during a Wild West Shootout changes everything.

Sheriff Williams is on the hunt for a killer and Essie's new brother-in-law is a prime suspect. To clear her family's name, she does some snooping of her own. Her search for clues leads her all over town – from the local bakery, to the gift shop below the old silver mines, and to the mayor's charity fun run. But Essie quickly realizes everyone in town has something to hide, and the culprit is good at covering their tracks.

It isn't easy to sniff out a killer in a town full of liars.