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Engaged To Be Murdered (Grad School Can Be Murder #1)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
January 2015

In this opener to the 'Grad School Can Be Murder' series, the reader meets James Ellis, your typical twenty-two year old graduate student who returns to his hometown of Carrington, Louisiana, to pursue his masters degree in business administration at the local university months after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Clinton University. Accompanying him on this journey are childhood best friends Miguel Rodriguez and Corey Andrews. Miguel, like James, is attending Carrington University to get his masters while Corey’s sole focus is his impending nuptials to his college sweetheart, Amanda Lancaster. However, life takes a dark and tragic turn for Corey when he enters Amanda’s apartment and finds her lifeless bloody sprawled on her kitchen floor. He is devastated by her murder but is unable to properly grieve when the newly appointed sheriff, Jeffrey Murphy, eyes him as the prime suspect. James decides the best course of action is to aid local law enforcement in their search for Amanda’s killer. Through unwavering faith and persistence, James is determined to solve this murder despite the obstacles he might face.