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Dune to Death Series #4

Author: Series: Publication Date:
1993 (ebook 10/2009)
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Bed-and-breakfast hostess Judith McMonigle and her policeman beau Joe Flynn hgave finally gotten hitched-and they're off on a sunny honeymoon to beautiful Buccaneer Beach.But an unfortunate confrontation with a dune buggy run amok puts hubby Joe in hospital traction-leaving his beleaguered blushing bride stranded in paradise with a bad case of ennui by the sea. Luckily irrepressible cousin Renie has selflessly agreed to keep Judith company. And when the landlady of their cozy, costly cottage by the shore turns up dead in their living room, the cousins suddenly have a murderous mystery to keep them afloat. Rumors of a fortune in buried pirate gold add spice to their adventure. But digging up both a treasure and a killer is dirty business-and Judith and Renie might end up digging their own graves. The fourth in Daheim's bed-and-breakfast cozy mystery series set in the Pacific Northwest, which has quickly become a favorite of the mystery audience. Hostess Judith McGonigle and detective Joe Flynn, finally married, head out on a long overdue honeymoon. But an accident lands Joe in the hospital, and to make matters worse, the landlady of their hideaway turns up dead. Original.