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Dulcie Schwartz Mystery Series

Series Takes Place In
Series Age
Before 2011

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Clea Simon writes the Dulcie Schwartz Mystery Series which started in 2009 and is set in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It features graduate student, Dulcie Schwartz and her deceased cat Mr. Grey. Twentysomething Dulcie Schwartz is a doctoral student at Harvard, struggling to find a thesis topic, mourning her recently deceased cat Mr. Grey, and working a summer temp job. Mr. Grey... in the form of a ghost helps her solve murders.

Shades of Grey (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #1) Grey Matters (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #2) Grey Zone (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #3) Grey Expectations (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #4) True Grey  (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #5) Grey Dawn (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #6) Grey Howl (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #7) Stages of Grey (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #8) Code Grey (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #9) Into The Grey (Dulcie Schwartz Mystery #10)