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A Death at Seascape House (Jemima Jago Mystery #1)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
April 2021

With its sweeping sandy beaches and rolling emerald hills, the island of St. Morwenna is an idyllic escape. But behind the perfectly pruned primroses and neighborly smiles a mystery begins to unfold…

When librarian Jemima Jago is offered the opportunity to catalogue Cornwall’s largest collection of antique shipwreck records, housed on the beautiful island of St Morwenna, it is a dream come true. She can’t wait to trade her dreary London commute for post-work swimming in the ocean and endless blue skies.

But shortly after Jem arrives in town, island busybody and notorious grump Edith Reddy is found dead in her rundown cottage. Jem, caught seemingly red-handed at the scene of the crime, becomes the police’s number one suspect, and the handsome Sergeant Hackman can’t seem to leave her alone…

Jem must take matters into her own hands if she wants to clear her name. Snooping around for clues, she soon realizes that many of the island’s eccentric residents had reason for wanting to get rid of Edith. Could Declan, the curious café owner, have killed off his most difficult customer? Or did Bart, the fishy ferryman, finally rid the island of its grouchiest resident?