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Death of an Outsider Series #3

Author: Series: Publication Date:
2005 (reprint)

Nobody in the Scottish town of Cnothan had much liked William Mainwaring. The abrasive Englishman rubbed everyone the wrong way. And now that he's been murdered, nobody seems to mind. Constable Hamish Macbeth happens to be on temporary duty in Cnothan when the killer strikes, and now, like it or not, he's got to solve the crime and bring the killer to justice. But the closed-mouthed locals seem to be hiding many secrets. And as Hamish slowly pieces together a tale of illicit romance, secret vices, real-estate swindles and witchcraft, he begins to wonder if he will soon be joining Mainwairing. Highlanders are not known for being friendly to strangers, but even Hamish Macbeth is shocked by the suspicion and downright hostility he encounters in the village of Cnothan. His popularity does not increase when he must upset the status quo during a murder investigation!