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Death and Deception (Victorian Book Club #4)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
December 2022

After almost a year of marriage, Lord William Wethington and Lady Amy Wethington have put aside their sleuthing skills to prepare for their first child. ‘Twould be an easy thing except to their dismay, dead bodies are once again popping up.

A corpse discovered floating in the Roman Baths was startling enough, but the unfortunate victim turns out to be Amy’s and her sister-in-law Eloise’s midwife, Mrs. Jane Fleming.

“Do not get involved,” Lord William warns.

“We are ordering you not to entangle yourself,” incompetent Bath Police Detectives Carson and Marsh state.

Lady Amy reluctantly agrees and takes up a questionable hobby that William swears will eventually poison him. Then another body shows up. Now, really, what’s a bored mystery writer to do?