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Dead North (Jessie Arnold Series #8)

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Homeless and alone in the perilous backwoods of Alaska, musher Jessie Arnold leaps at the chance to drive a friend's Winnebago back from Idaho. Hitting the road will help her recover from the devastating fire that destroyed her home. But when she picks up a teenage runaway, Jessie cannot guess that the terror from which the young man is running will soon catch up to her. Now, in a danger-filled wilderness-with only her lead dog, Tank, by her side-Jessie faces the ultimate challenge. In a terrifying race against time, she must stop a killer looking to unleash his murderous rage on anyone who gets in his way. 8/2012 - This book is not available as a paperback or e-book. Check your local library. Click on the links below to view status updates of this books' availability