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Dead Level (Home Repair Is Homicide Series #15)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
May 2012

Driving to a cottage in the Maine woods with her best friend, Ellie White, Jacobia 'Jake' Tiptree has a challenging week ahead of her. She bet her husband that she could finish building the cottage porch in only a few days-a lofty goal for even the craftiest home renovator. But as Jake and Ellie set to work, they soon realize that they’re not alone. Dewey Hooper, a recently escaped convict, is watching them. Jake’s testimony got him sent away for murder years ago and here, in the remote wilderness, he can exact his revenge. Tough as nails and not afraid to defend themselves, Jake and Ellie are determined to keep their wits about them-to prevent the quaint little cottage from turning into the ultimate death trap.