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Cruising to Death ( Emily Menotti Mystery #3)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
August 2017
Holiday/Season/Special Event:
Cruise Ship

Intrepid amateur sleuth, Emily Menotti, is having fun on her first Caribbean cruise along with new friends from the Wayward Sisters book club. But, as they head out of New York City for warmer climes, a recently married friend goes missing and another becomes ill. With the help of her clairsentience pal, Melinda, Emily starts investigating. Yet even a sEance, guided by Melinda, reveals more old secrets than new clues. Set amid the tropical backdrops of St. Thomas, St. Kitts, and Tortola, this mystery has motives aplenty, including an ex-husband who balks at paying alimony, a former high school boyfriend now married to another of the group, and the ongoing resentment of two unmarried friends. Join Emily as she solves the mystery of the missing newlywed on a chilling cruise with some uninvited passengers: jealousy, revenge, and death. NOTE: This book is very short in length.