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Crazy Like a Fox (Foxhunting Series #10)

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October 2017
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As the calendar turns, the crisp October winds bode well for this year’s hunting season. But before the bugle sounds, Sister Jane takes a scenic drive up the Blue Ridge Mountains for a board meeting at the Museum of Hounds and Hunting. Brimming with colorful stories and mementos from hunts of yore, the mansion is plunged into mystery when a venerable hunting horn is stolen right out of its case. The only clue is a 'selfie' video of the horn’s original owner, Wesley Carruthers-deceased since 1954. Odder still, Roger’s body was never found. When Sister makes a discovery that may explain his unsolved disappearance, it leads her back to the Jefferson Hunt in Middleburg, Virginia, with her faithful hounds at her side. But as the clues quickly mount, Sister is no longer sure if she’s pursuing a priceless artifact, a thief, Roger’s killer... or a ghost. The only certainty is that someone wants to put Sister off the chase-perhaps permanently.