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Chocolate Fudge Murder (Frosted Love Cozy Mystery #20)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
May 2019

Murders have a habit of happening at the least convenient times.
Cupcake baker and Inn owner, Melissa Beckett has her hands full.
It’s holiday time, there’s no room at the Inn, and her two friends are still at each other’s throats. Could things get more stressful? Yes, they absolutely could, when a murder is thrown into the mix.
Handyman, Spencer Bengal, goes out of his way to help, and just might end up providing clues that are crucial to solving the murder.
In the midst of it all, Missy’s Innkeeper, Maggie, comes down with the flu and is knocked out of commission. Torn between her overwhelming set of responsibilities, and her insatiable need to get to the bottom of the mystery that involves her very own Inn, Missy has to work fast to try and save the day!