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The Cats that Told a Fortune (The Cats That Mystery Series #3)

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July 2014
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Autumn in Erie, Indiana means crisp, cool days of intrigue and subterfuge. Katherine 'Katz' Kendall settles into her late great aunt’s Victorian mansion with her high-spirited feline companions. What better time to host a Halloween party? Katz sets the stage with scary decorations, a fortune teller, and even a magician. Jake and Colleen join in the adventure. Scout - a Siamese with extraordinary abilities - fang marks a 'Wheel of Fortune' Tarot card. Is it because her person will soon receive millions, or does that card have a more ominous meaning? Although Iris is smitten with the magic man, it’s unclear whether he’s a lovable rogue, or an opportunistic thief. Along the way, Katz and her cats uncover important clues to the identity of a serial killer, and find out about Erie’s crime family... the hard way.