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The Cats that Chased the Storm (The Cats That Mystery Series #2)

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February 2014
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It’s early spring in Erie, Indiana, and the weather has turned most foul. We find Katherine 'Katz' Kendall, heiress to the Colfax fortune, living in a pink mansion, caring for her three Siamese and Abby the Abyssinian. Severe thunderstorms frighten the cats, but Scout is better than any weather app. A different storm is brewing, however, with a discovery that connects great-uncle William Colfax to the notorious gangster John Dillinger. Why is the Erie Historical Society so eager to get William’s personal papers? Is the new man in Katherine’s life a fortune hunter? Will Abra mysteriously reappear, and is Abby a magnet for danger? A fast-paced whodunit, the second book in 'The Cats That' series involves four extraordinary felines that help Katz unravel the mysteries in her life. Author of Amazon’s Bestselling Cozy Animal Mystery The Cats that Surfed the Web.