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Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery Series

Bed and Breakfast & Inn & Hotel
Series Takes Place In
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New in 2017

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Sherry Lodge writes the Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery Series which started in January 2017 and is set in Maryland. It features Cassie Hall-- a dedicated daytime concierge at the Parkstone who has a knack for fashion and who-done-its. Take a dreadfully long dip in the pool, or relax in the sauna as the suspect list heats up. As the sun sets on this haunted stone building, sleep with one eye open. This is the Parkstone after all…you never know when another murder will need solving.

The Courtyard Corpse (Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery #1) Cloakroom Corpse (Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery #2) Club Room Corpse (Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery #3) Cabana Corpse (Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery #4)