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Cakes of Wrath (Piece of Cake Mystery Series #4)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
September 2013

Can a pastry chef be too sweet? Rita Lucero, owner of New Orleans cake shop Zydeco Cakes, can’t seem to stop saying 'yes.' Even though things at the bakery are busy, Rita finds herself accepting a seat on the local small business alliance-a group full of colorful characters like Chopper Shop owner Moose Hazen and his wife, Destiny, whose personal life is messier than a cake someone left out in the rain. On the street following a heated alliance meeting, Moose pulls Rita out of the path of a speeding van. Shaken and bruised, Rita notices the next day that her prescribed pain killers are missing. When she discovers Destiny’s body in the couple’s shop, the stolen pill bottle in her lifeless hand only adds another layer to her mysterious death. But getting the frosty NOPD detective to stop focusing on Rita and look for Destiny’s real killer will be anything but a cakewalk... INCLUDES DELICIOUS RECIPES!