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The Blood Red Indian Summer (Berger and Mitry Mystery Series #8)

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This newest mystery featuring Mitch Berger and Connecticut State Trooper Des Mitry presents Des with her first genuine racially charged case in the historic New England village of Dorset, the gem of Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Tyrone 'Da Beast' Grantham, the famously volatile NFL superstar linebacker, has just been suspended for 'conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the league.' When Tyrone and his entourage decide to spend his season in exile in bucolic Dorset--much to the dismay of his early-to-bed, ultra-white neighbors--Des is put on the spot. And when Tyrone’s eighteen-year-old sister-in-law, Kinitra, washes up on Mitch’s beach one morning, bloodied and barely alive, Des is on the case. Especially when it turns out that Kinitra is eight weeks pregnant. Good thing there’s nothing else serious going on in our heroes’ lives right now. Like, say, Mitch’s parents arriving from Florida at long last to meet the new woman of color in their nice Jewish boy’s life.