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Bess Crawford Mystery Series

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Before 2011

Charles Todd is the writing team of Charles and Caroline Todd-- a mother and son writing team who live on the east coast of the United States. Charles Todd writes the Bess Crawford Mystery series which is set in early 1900 England during WWI and started in 2009. It features the daughter of a distinguished soldier‚ Bess Crawford who follows in his footsteps and signs up to go overseas as a nurse during the Great War‚ helping to deal with the many wounded. The 5th book in this series, A QUESTION OF HONOR, has been nominated for 2013 Agatha Award for Best Historical Novel!

A Duty to the Dead (Bess Crawford Series #1) An Impartial Witness (Bess Crawford Series #2) A Bitter Truth (Bess Crawford Series #3) An Unmarked Grave (Bess Crawford Series #4) A Question of Honor (Bess Crawford Series #5) An Unwilling Accomplice (Bess Crawford Series #6) A Pattern of Lies (Bess Crawford Series #7) The Shattered Tree (Bess Crawford Series #8) A Casualty of War (Bess Crawford Series #9) A Forgotten Place (Bess Crawford Series #10) A Cruel Deception (Bess Crawford Series #11) An Irish Hostage (Bess Crawford Series #12) The Cliff's Edge (Bess Crawford Series #13)