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Beneath the Ashes (Jessie Arnold Series #7)

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With the arrival of spring in the Alaskan wilderness, Jessie Arnold looks forward to another season of grueling, yet exhilarating, training with her dogs on the blankets of snow that linger on into the summer. But like the sting of the harsh Alaskan winds, new horrors suddenly bring a chill to Jessie's seemingly peaceful home... A myserious fire ravages a popular local pub, leaving an unidentified body lying in the ruins. Then, Jessie's life is interrupted by the unanticipated arrival of a friend she hasn't heard from in a decade. Shocked at the sight of the troubled woman, Jessie is stunned to hear her story of years of abuse at the hands of her husband. And when Jessie awakens in the night to discover the cabin she built with her own hands engulfed in flames, she begins to wonder whether her houseguest is a crazed liar or a cool killer. 8/2012 - This book is not available as a paperback or e-book. Check your local library. Click on the links below to view status updates of this books' availability