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Add a Pinch of Murder (Angie & Friends Food & Spirits Mystery #2)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
April 2017

Gourmet cook Angie Amalfi has big plans for her life as a soon-to-be married woman, but between nervous kitchen remodelers, clever murderers, and possibly ghosts ... what could possibly go wrong? Angie hopes a romantic evening out with her fiance, Homicide Inspector Paavo Smith, will bring a welcome reprieve from the hectic pace of remodeling the older house she and Paavo bought to make it move-in ready before their upcoming wedding. But circumstances--worldly and seemingly other-worldy--conspire against her. Not the least of which is her newest acquaintance, a lonely heiress, who quickly involves Angie in the heiress's bizarre family history of indiscretions, high finances, and murder. Angie suspects the key to all the weirdness going on with the family lies in the mansion that is now in her new friend's hands--a place that, if it isn't haunted, certainly looks like it should be. Angie drags several old cohorts into the fray to help her newest pal, but as the situation gets murkier, Angie wonders if she'll ever see her own happy ending.