Wolzien, Valerie

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Valerie wrote the Susan Henshaw Mystery Series started in 1987 and is set in Connecticut. It features Susan Henshaw, a suburban housewife in quiet Hancock Connecticut. Susan becomes the perfect suburban sleuth in this fantastic series.

8/2012 - Valerie's books are not available as mass market paperbacks or e-books. I've checked out her books at my local library. Please take the time to read this great series. I have written to the author to see if her series might become available as e-books. I'll post updated information as soon as I hear back from the author.

Valerie also wrote the Josie Pigeon Mystery Series which started in 1995. It features Josie Pigeon who owns an all-woman construction company, Island Contracting. Josie lives on an island in a resort community and becomes an amateur sleuth when she finds herself solving murders.