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You may wonder why I started this website.....

I am a website programmer who loves to read cozy mysteries. I combined my programming skills and love of cozy mysteries to create this site.

I wanted to keep track of cozy mysteries by new series, theme, author, season, weather, holiday and state. Initially, I had all of this information on a spreadsheet, which very quickly became cumbersome. So I decided to create a website that lets me easily find different series and keep track of the books in each series.

For each book I have links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I would appreciate it if you would click on my links to purchase books.

Needless to say I've clicked on many author websites. I would love to offer my services to anyone who is interested in updating their site or creating a new website.

My husband and I are both Web Programmers. We have over 20 years experience. We both work as independent contractors for companies in San Diego and Boston. We also create websites for companies/people outside of our relationship with the San Diego and Boston companies. We use a development platform called Drupal to create websites. This website was developed using Drupal 7. This allows us to develop websites that are customizable, scalable and affordable.

Drupal is used on such sites as:
Universal Music
Warner Bros
Novell – Communities
Mike Bloomberg, mayor of New York City
Popular Science

Drupal allows you to easily manage all of your website content. For example, staff members can have access to different content and levels of the site by granting different levels of permissions. Using simple online forms you can easily add content such as books, the latest news, events, bios, etc. We have developed sites using Drupal with the following features:

Calendar of Events
Membership Sign-up
Online Stores
Online Membership Payment
Customized Login Systems and Sophisticated Permission Control
Customized Ad Banner System
Latest News
Google Mapping
Photo Gallery
Video Management System
Customized Development

I hope you keep me in mind for your website needs.

So now that I've made a pitch to create a website for you..... let me just add...

I hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to suggest cozy mystery series that I have not added to the site. I may have categorized a series in a category that doesn't make sense to you. Again, please use the contact form to make a suggestion. In order to make comments on the individual books you will need to register.

I've just added a feature that allows you to keep track of the books you've read. You can keep track of which books you've purchased and which books you checked out at the library.

Thanks so much for visiting my site. Please Contact Us to inquire about a website.