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Welcome to Cozy Mysteries Unlimited!

We love Cozy Mysteries. They are usually set in small towns and feature amateur sleuths who investigate local murders. Mystery Cozies are great to curl up with in a storm, by the fireplace or on the beach. We have compiled a list of Cozies for you to explore. We are adding content all of the time. Please feel free to suggest a Cozy we have not yet added!

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Murder at the Holiday Flotilla (Magnolia Mystery Series #9) by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Why can’t the Wilkes sisters enjoy a quiet, joyful Christmas season like everyone else? Why do their best laid plans...

Murder with All the Trimmings (Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper Series #4) by Elaine Viets

A humbug of a Shopping mystery...

From The Anthony and Agatha Award-Winning Author of Accessory to Murder...

Undead and Unreturnable by Mary Janice Davidson

Even the undead celebrate Christmas, and Betsy is in heaven shopping for gifts.

But all is not merry in the...

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There are so many great new cozy mysteries coming in 2014.... I've just begun to list them -- so stay tuned!

Mandy Bell Mystery Series by Deuel, Abigail

Abigail Deuel writes the Mandy Bell Mystery series which started in 2014 and is set in Wisconsin. It features...

(Read Em' and Eat Mystery Series #1) by Terrie Farley Moran

Terrie Farley Moran writes the Read Em' and Eat Mystery series which starts in August 2014 and is set in Fort Myers...

(Stained Glass Mystery Series by Jennifer McAndrews

Jennifer McAndrews writes the Stained Glass Mystery series which is set in New York and starts in July 2014. It...

Second Chance Cat Mystery Series by Sofie Ryan

Sofie Ryan, (aka Darlene Ryan and Sofie Kelly) writes the Second Chance Cat Mystery Series which starts in April...

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The Spice Shop Mysteries by Gail Oust.

Gail Oust writes The Spice Shop Mystery series which starts in December 2013 and is set in Georgia. It features...

Rylie Keyes Mystery Series by Marianne Harden

Marianne Harden writes the Rylie Keyes Mystery series which is set in Washington and started in 2013. It features...

County Cork Mysteries by Sheila Connolly

Sheila Connolly writes the County Cork Mystery series which started in February 2013 and is set in Ireland. It...

Sugar Grove Mysteries by Jessie Crockett

Jessie Crockett writes The Sugar Grove Mysteries which is set in New Hampshire and started in October 2013. It...

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