Seven Up (Stephanie Plum #7)

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Seven Up (Stephanie Plum #7) by Janet Evanovich
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The fun begins when Stephanie sets out to bring in bail jumper Eddie DeChooch, a crazy old codger who can't see as well as he used to, can't get it up (according to Stephanie's Grandma Mazur!), and can't hear too well, either. Maybe that's why, after his partner, Louie D., dies of a heart attack while they're pulling off a contraband cigarette deal, DeChooch thinks he hears mob boss Anthony Thumbs tell him to bring Louie's heart back to Jersey, when what Anthony really says is bring the "fart" back to Jersey.

It may even explain why, after accidentally losing the heart that he cuts from his partner's dead body, DeChooch steals a container of pot roast from a stranger's home and tries to send that back to Anthony Thumbs instead.

What it doesn't explain is why Stephanie is having so much trouble running down a bail skip who is old enough to date her grandmother, why Stephanie's friends Dougie and Mooner have mysteriously disappeared, and why Stephanie and her gal pal Lula suddenly find themselves chin deep in mud, brawling it up big time with two of the hottest female mud wrestlers in town.

And if that's not enough to make a girl spike cut her hair and dye it punk-rocker blonde, Stephanie still can't decide what to do about Joe Morelli, the man she loves and is sort of engaged to, and the irresistibly sexy Ranger, a fellow bounty hunter who knows just how to get under Stephanie's skin -- and maybe even into her heart if she lets him help her bring Eddie DeChooch in ...

Yes, all's fair in love and bounty hunting when Stephanie Plum is on the case!