Pickled (Alex Harris Mystery #6)

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Pickled (Alex Harris Mystery #6) by Elaine Macko
Publication Date: 
June 2014
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When Alex Harris and her grandmother Meme attend a pickleball supper hoping to sell some of their Calendar Boys calendars to their ideal demographic—women on hormone replacement therapy—they never thought the evening would turn deadly. But when local lecherous bully, Humphrey Bryson, ends up in the ladies room with one of his beloved dill pickles shoved down his throat, Alex springs into action to find the murderer.

Everyone at the party is a suspect, but Meme worries the investigation may lead to one of the senior Calendar Boys.
Despite the worst winter in Indian Cove history, Alex is determined to find the killer even with her growing health concerns and a less-than enthusiastic husband hindering her sleuthing efforts. Is one of Meme’s friends headed for the pokey or did the wife do it? What Alex uncovers reaches much further than her peaceful little town and the pickleball group.