Murderous Matrimony (Renaissance Faire Mysteries Series #6)

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Murderous Matrimony (Renaissance Faire Mysteries Series #6) by Joyce & Jim Lavene
Publication Date: 
January 2014
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Includes Perilous Pranks, a novella in the Renaissance Faire Mystery series, PLUS Book Six, Murderous Matrimony.

A prank too far:
Wanda Le Fey is dead, and Renaissance Faire lover, Jessie Morton, looks suspiciously like the person who killed her. Jessie was simply returning the prank Wanda played on her by dyeing the other woman blue. It wasn't her fault that Wanda was also stabbed in the chest by a sword as she tried to get out of her shower. Now Wanda's blue ghost is prodding Jessie to find her killer. And a dead Wanda is far worse than a live Wanda.

And a deadly Renaissance wedding:
In less than two short weeks, Jessie Morton will marry Chase Manhattan at the Renaissance Faire Village and Marketplace. But so much can go wrong in that short time. A man is murdered in Jessie's new Arts and Crafts Museum and her assistant is being scrutinized for the deed. Chase's brother and parents have arrived and are still against their marriage. Wanda's ghost is busy making Jessie's life miserable. The Ren Faire wedding of her dreams may never take place. Can she talk Chase into eloping before it's too late?

Murderous Matrimony

"This book is more than just a murder mystery. There's some paranormal elements, one of them is the blue ghost Wanda, whose rather ornery? obnoxious? antics will leave you laughing until you cry. She really makes the book! If you are a fan of Renaissance Festivals, you will have to love this book. It really feels like you are getting a inside look at how these festivals work and the kind of people that work for them. This is definitely a series not to be missed." -- Andrea Guy, Cruisin' through the Cozies