Murder at Pope Investigations (Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery #8)

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Murder at Pope Investigations (Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery #8)
Publication Date: 
July 2019

Life has changed for Lani over the past eight months and in many ways she is still trying to get a feel for the new normal. The one thing in her life that seems to be going perfectly is her partnership with her father, a retired homicide detective. Pope Investigations has become Lani's solace during a time when her life is otherwise in complete upheaval>

Things get dicey when she finds a body laid out across the entryway of Pope Investigations. When it looks as if the death of the local food truck owner might be related to the deaths of two other men, both who looked to have been left for Lani to find, she sets out to solve all three murders. Along the way she will reconnect with an old friend, say goodbye to another, and finally begin to understand the role of hope and hopelessness in her life.