Murder at the Holiday Flotilla (Magnolia Mystery Series #9)

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Murder at the Holiday Flotilla (Magnolia Mystery Series #9) by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
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Why can’t the Wilkes sisters enjoy a quiet, joyful Christmas season like everyone else? Why do their best laid plans get derailed by murder and mayhem? All Ashley wants is to celebrate a joyful Christmas with Jon and their precious babies. Melanie is about to be inaugurated as the president of the North Carolina Association of Realtors. Her plans include entertaining the state’s social elite at her lavishly restored hunting lodge. How could she foresee that a wealthy developer would take a header down her stairs? It looks like an accident, but is it? Then as Melanie is showing off her latest listing, a fabulous six-million-dollar waterfront property, who does she find in the four-poster bed but a highly controversial state senator, dead by mysterious means. A Colonial-era family will has surfaced that bequeaths a treasure to the descendants. Are Ashley and Melanie heirs to a family fortune? And just what is that fortune and where is it hidden? Is anyone else searching for it? And will they kill to get it!