Leave No Stone Unturned (Lexie Starr Series #1)

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Leave No Stone Unturned (Lexie Starr Series #1) by Jeanne Glidewell
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Lexie Starr was worried. While helping a young man do some research at the library, where the middle-aged Kansas widow volunteers as an assistant, Lexie happens across a New York Times article regarding the unsolved murder of an Eliza Pitt, former wife of a police academy student named Clayton Pitt ? most likely the same Clayton Pitt who was her newly acquired son-in-law! How could this be? Lexie wondered. Her daughter, Wendy, had never mentioned that Clay had been married before.

Lexie couldn't stand by and possibly let Wendy become his next victim, nor did she want to alienate her daughter with her suspicions. Lexie, slightly feather-brained and strongly impulsive, decides to travel to the site of the crime, Schenectady, New York, to investigate the cold case. Lexie soon learns that deceit and ambiguity are her best options for finding out if Clay is guilty or innocent.

She books a room at the Camelot B&B, owned by a spunky, chain-smoking old lady named Harriet Sparks, who has an equally foul-mouthed and colorful parrot named Sinbad. Add Stone Van Patten, Lexie's new prospective boyfriend; Wanda Pittt, Clay's obese and mentally-deranged mother; Jake Jacoby, a complicated former roommate; and a couple of quirky lawmen; and the investigation gets underway. Lexie and Stone find themselves impersonating everyone from homicide detectives to exterminators in their attempts to obtain information.

8/2012 - This is not offered as an e-book.