Holiday Hangover (Zoe Donovan Mystery #23)

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Holiday Hangover (Zoe Donovan Mystery #22)
Publication Date: 
January 2017
Holiday/Season/Special Event: 

In this snowy cozy mystery, Zak's is asked to track down the source of the breech for the surveillance system at a remote ski resort in the Canadian Rockies. Scooter is away with his dad leaving Zoe feeling depressed and deflated so Zak asks Zoe to go along on the trip. With Levi and Ellie away as well, Zoe decides to join Zak only to find that the sleuthing couple has really been invited to the resort to solve a murder. Join Zak, Zoe, Alex, and Charlie as they juggle fun filled days on the slopes with theory building sessions as they attempt to track down a killer.