Final Check Out (Oceanside Mystery #3)

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Final Check Out (Oceanside Mystery #3)
Publication Date: 
June 2017

Book 3 of 6 in the Oceanside Hotel Mysteries- well reviewed for being clean, funny, sweet mysteries.
When Maisie takes a day off from the hotel business to visit a popular amusement park, the last thing she wants is to trip over a dead body in the Maze of Mirrors. The only witness to the murder is a park employee dressed in a princess costume. 

Things take a turn as Maisie watches the princess run off and nobody seems to know who she is. And the Federal Marshal who was first on the scene has disappeared, too. 

As Maisie follows the twists and turns of this not-so-funhouse, she hits one dead end after another--until she discovers that the person she should have been chasing has really been chasing her all along.