The Extinguished Guest (Lexie Starr Series #2)

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The Extinguished Guest (Lexie Starr Series #2) by Jeanne Glidewell
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In this second book of the Lexie Starr cozy mystery series, Lexie Starr, a financially independent widow, lives in a mid-sized Kansas town, and works as a library assistant. Lexie is likeable and quick-witted, and has all the personal challenges of the average middle-aged woman. Her impulsive nature makes it easy for readers to relate to her.

Stone Van Patten, the online jeweler she met in the first book of the series, Leave No Stone Unturned, has moved back to the Midwest and purchased a historic home in Rockdale, Missouri. Lexie helps Stone restore the Victorian home and they open it up as a Bed & Breakfast. The grand opening of the "Alexandria Inn" is held in conjunction with the induction ceremony to honor the new President of the local Historical Society, Horatio Prescott III. Unfortunately, the distinguished guest is murdered in his suite the night before the ceremony. To protect the reputation of the inn, Lexie and Stone decide to do a little investigating on their own.

The Rockdale homicide detectives find evidence that the killer was one of the Historical Society members staying at the inn, and as attempts are made on Lexie's life, she also becomes convinced this is the case. Questioning the eccentric, quirky, and often humorous guests, she discovers every one of them have a compelling motive to want Mr. Prescott dead.

8/2012 - Not available as an e-book.