Death on Tour (Jocelyn Shore Mystery Series #1)

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Death on Tour (Jocelyn Shore Mystery Series #1) by Janice Hamrick
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Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore and her cousin Kyla are on a “dream” tour of Egypt when things take a nightmarish turn: One of their fellow travelers, Millie Owens, takes a fatal fall off one of the Pyramids. And that’s only the first leg of the trip…

From the jovial doctor haggling for trinkets he doesn’t want to the mysterious imposter wearing someone else’s clothing to the attractive stranger traveling alone, this group of tourists is carrying more than one kind of baggage. Add a mistaken identity, a priceless necklace, and another unexpected death, and Jocelyn finds herself reluctantly trying to unravel an intrigue that threatens to end not only her vacation, but her life.