Death Rides Again (Jocelyn Shore Mystery Series #3)

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Death Rides Again (Jocelyn Shore Mystery Series #3) by Janice Hamrick
Publication Date: 
June 2013
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Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore’s family reunion is getting smaller by the minute with each suspicious death in the latest in Janice Hamrick’s award-winning mystery series

With the unmistakable sound of a break action shotgun snapping closed, Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore shoots out of bed in the bunkroom on her family’s ranch. It seems that her Uncle Kel, who is hosting the family for Thanksgiving, is none too happy about how his son-in-law Eddy has been treating his daughter Ruby June, and tensions have risen to about the level of a .12 gauge. Luckily, cooler heads prevail—mostly Jocelyn’s—and while breakfast isn't the end of Eddy, the end of Eddy and Ruby's marriage isn’t too far off. She may have even tossed him out later that day. No one knows for sure since no one can find her. The family pins the disappearance on Eddy, but he seems to have been everywhere in Sand Creek but home, and it isn't until Jocelyn and her sometimes boyfriend Austin Homicide Detective Colin Gallagher find Eddy's body at the bottom of a caliche pit that the town starts to take notice. Unfortunately, all eyes—including Colins's—are on Jocelyn's family as the primary suspects. She can't believe it. Someone else had to have it in for Eddy, but who and why, and even more importantly where’s Ruby June?

With more suspense, romance, and humor than can be fenced in on a single ranch Janice Hamrick’s Death Rides Again is another outstanding addition to her award-winning mystery series.